Litigation Support

We provide expert evidence and otherwise we provide advice on how to work with others for better outcomes for you. Preparation is the key and people turn to us for a commercial solution to a problem with legal difficulties. We guide our Clients to the appropriate legal team and assist with the commercial aspects of litigation and its human consequences. We also help some of the region’s most influential business leaders with their complex family affairs because they usually involve corporate or business interests.

Preparation is the key. When things go wrong, people turn to us for a solution or for expert evidence.

We offer:

  • Coordinating litigation
  • Company or background investigations
  • Contract disputes including those with shareholders, customers, suppliers, management or employees
  • Mediation and arbitration
  • Fraud or other dishonesty, including bribery and ICAC* /CCB* cases, where permitted in commercial or public servant cases and blackmail or extortion


Our services include:

  • Crisis management and communication
  • Explaining the commercial reality behind legal choices given to you
  • Directing or overseeing the legal strategy for you
  • Coordination of documentation and collection of evidence
  • Review of initial documentation and preliminary investigation, including forensic investigations
  • Assisting with the process of discovery
  • Assisting with settlement discussions and negotiations including the calculation of economic damages
  • Acting as an expert witness
  • Reviewing opposing expert witnesses damages reports
  • Explaining the financial and commercial context surrounding a dispute to lawyers for them or for you

*Independent Commission Against Corruption in Hong Kong and Commercial Crimes Bureau of The Hong Kong Police in Hong Kong

"Anglo Chinese is a strong boutique firm. They don't go for volume. They are specialists and are very good at sorting out complicated problems others don't want to tackle"