Our Philosophy

Clients created us and are our lifeblood. We exist to help them as:

Master Craftsmen

Because our work embodies a lifetime of experience


Because we find a way through that others do not
look for


Because we go it alone and rely on our skills to succeed

Our Clients

Our Clients know what they want to achieve and our job is to obtain it for them or with them. We believe no other firm can offer them equivalent unconflicted capital market advice in equity, convertibles or debt capital markets, takeovers and mergers or disposals, corporate restructuring and financially stressed corporate rescues, the very best of valuations or fairness opinions (“IFA” work) and litigation support. This range of transaction experience is unique in our market.


We are not a supermarket or a factory. We are a creative and specialised workshop manned by skilled people with lifetimes of experience in Greater China. We aspire to be Master Craftsmen who are trustworthy and bring know how. Specific know how that we use to achieve results for Clients who seek solutions to problems they cannot solve elsewhere.


We are known for finding a way to solve challenges or problems that Clients bring to us that others do not look for or cannot find. That calls for intuition, creativity and experience. At Anglo Chinese, we try and explore everything and we usually find a way through.


Our compass is set by what our Clients need. We are independent and not constrained by policy from elsewhere. We set out our own course and want the very best for those we act for. Our harbour is Hong Kong and our base is China. This is our home and from here we have the courage and skill to go it alone. We have been working for Clients for 25 years or more.