We invest for our Clients and ourselves in both 'value’ and 'event' driven opportunities based on our own Greater China market intelligence. Our investments include a diversified portfolio of listed securities focusing on small and medium sized companies, principally in Hong Kong and Greater China. We also seek macro opportunities through investments in exchange traded funds, commodities and currency markets while retaining substantial liquidity to hedge our long positions and for other things.

We put our own capital behind our ideas, where we can.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our philosophy is conservative.

  • We invest only in markets with which we are familiar
  • We invest only in businesses or securities we believe we understand
  • We invest only where traditional valuation methodologies suggest the target is undervalued
  • We leverage our corporate finance background
  • We invest where we believe a corporate event can or will enhance the value of a security
  • We regard any severe market weakness as a buying opportunity
  • We invest on a fundamental basis in companies with strong balance sheets, sustainable cash flows and stable dividends
  • We target absolute returns and generally do not use financial leverage