Mergers & Acquisitions

We offer a network built up by the founders and others in the Group of over 30 years, transaction experience and technical skills that deliver results for Clients. Our track record speaks for itself.

Knowing the market is key. We do because we have been part of it for more than 30 years with an experienced Anglo Chinese team.

Public Company Takeovers And Mergers

This activity is central to our business and feeds the other things we do. At Anglo Chinese, we are at the forefront of mergers and acquisitions in and from Hong Kong and have been so for more than 30 years.



  • Industry evaluation
  • Valuing the target
  • Advising on and making tender offers
  • Stock market strategies
  • Proxy solicitations
  • Bid defences
  • Share repurchases
  • Regulatory advice and liaison
  • Overall project management
  • Independent advice and/or fairness opinions
Other Acquisitions

If you are buying a company, we offer a first rate research capability, our network, transaction experience, international know how and our local radar.



  • Industry evaluation – market and growth characteristics, advice on the regulatory environment and analysing competitors
  • Acquisition search – establishing search criteria, identifying and evaluating targets
  • Developing bid tactics – evaluating acquisition strategies, assisting in negotiations and approaching potential vendors
  • Valuation – constructing an in house pricing model
  • Negotiations – providing advice on pricing and structure, conducting contract negotiations and coordination of all documentation
  • Closing – driving overall project management to completion

Selling a company is something a client sometimes does only once. We offer intuition, creativity and transaction experience with an in depth knowledge of local regulations, and the ability to obtain reliable information.

We have a wide ranging network built up by the founders and others in the Group over more than 30 years from which to target China based buyers, venture capital, private equity, hedge funds and international or multinational companies. A structured sale process can create competitive tension to maximise the price for the seller or can find the buyer the seller never thought of and negotiate a knockout price the seller never thought of either.



  • Analysis and valuation – developing a thorough understanding of your business and its drivers in developing a robust valuation model
  • Buyer search – establishing an initial list of potential bidders
  • Marketing – preparing a timetable, a ‘teaser’ and an information memorandum and gathering formal expressions of interests
  • Evaluation – assessment of indicative bids
  • Bidder due diligence – managing the process to allow short listed bidders to complete a thorough assessment and maximise their valuations
  • Negotiation and closing – managing the process of negotiating on final terms and conditions and assisting in contract negotiations
Joint Ventures

In China, a joint venture may be more advantageous than an outright acquisition, and business skills brought by your local partner can be the key to success.

The local partner can be passive or can be one who opens doors and facilitates expansion.

Alternatively, both parties can be actively involved benefiting from each other’s expertise. Finding the right joint venture partner and constructing a suitable vehicle is critical. This requires creativity, transaction experience, international know how and local radar. We offer all this.



  • The objectives
  • The contribution of the parties
  • The role and involvement of the parties
  • The terms and duration of the joint venture
  • Allocation of revenues and expenses
  • Dispute resolution
  • Exit

"For M&As, none of the other local firms can touch them. They have a track record of success to prove it."