Christopher Howe, Managing Director and Joint Founder, explains what Anglo Chinese brings to its Clients and why they describe Anglo Chinese as being ‘in a category of one’.
Dian Deng, Director, talks about celebrated qualities within the Anglo Chinese team, which leads to a culture of providing Clients with the most creative of solutions.

Practice Areas

Knowing the market is key. We do because we have been part of it for more than 29 years with an experienced Anglo Chinese team.
Locating capital for and from Greater China is not always straight forward. We bring our Clients 29 years of experience through our offices and our network.
Design and development of corporate architecture is vital. We bring that know how to financially stressed companies.
Increasingly, compliance can be a mine field. We can bring Clients peace of mind and a way through.
Preparation is the key. When things go wrong, people turn to us for a solution or for expert evidence.
We put our own capital behind our ideas, where we can.