Making a difference for our clients

Since our formation in 1988 we have achieved a number of landmark transactions and ‘Firsts’ for our Clients. Many have caught the imagination of the market.

This table provides a summary of our transactions since 1988. By clicking on the column headings, you can choose to sort the data by year, company name, industry sector or transaction type.

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Year Company Name Industry Sector Transaction Type
2017 New Century Healthcare Holding Co. Limited Medical & Pharmaceutical Regulatory Compliance Details
2017 Aeso Holding Limited Construction Regulatory Compliance Details
2016 Aeso Holding Limited Construction Raising Capital Details
2016 Quam Limited Banking & Finance Mergers & Acquisitions Details
2016 China Resources Ng Fung Limited Food & Beverage Investments Details
2016 China Modern Dairy Holdings Ltd. Food & Beverage Mergers & Acquisitions Details
2016 DFZQ Banking & Finance Regulatory Compliance Details
2016 AVIC International Holdings Limited Conglomerate Connected transations and others Details
2016 Bracell Limited Manufacturing Privatisation Details
2016 Camsing International Holding Limited Entertainment Raising Capital Details
2016 Tysan Holdings Limited Construction Mergers & Acquisitions Details
2016 AviChina Industry & Technology Company Limited Aviation Industry Mergers & Acquisitions Details
2016 Culturecom Holdings Limited Publishing Mergers & Acquisitions Details
2016 Royale Furniture Holdings Limited Manufacturing Raising Capital Details
2016 Vallourec Tubes SAS Manufacturing Mergers & Acquisitions Details
2016 Hanison Construction Holdings Limited Property Raising Capital Details
2015 Nan Hai Corporation Limited Retail Mergers & Acquisitions Details
2015 MTR Corporation Limited Transport Raising Capital Details
2015 China Zhongdi Dairy Holdings Company Limited Food & Beverage Regulatory Compliance Details
2015 China Base Group Limited Electrical & Electronics Mergers & Acquisitions Details