Re-Organisation & Rescue

Reorganisation & Rescue

The design and development of corporate architecture is vital. We bring that know how to financially stressed companies along with the experience of scores of corporate reorganisations and rescues.

Corporate Reorganisation

You may want to reorganise your business for a number of reasons, such as to streamline your holding structure or to prepare your business for a merger or other event such as an IPO or other capital raising or for more efficient management of group assets, or you may simply want to unlock value in a sale or force the market to value your group more effectively. We have unrivalled experience in such transactions.

We offer:
  • Devising an optimum corporate architecture
  • Raising new capital from the capital markets, strategic investors or from asset sales
  • Advising on the implications of The Hong Kong Codes on Takeovers and Mergers and Share Repurchases, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange's Listing Rules and, as necessary, on other relevant regulations in Hong Kong and elsewhere
  • Coordination of all other professional parties and overall project management
  • Liaison and negotiations with creditors and other stakeholders
  • Management of shareholders in general meetings and the resolutions necessary to approve the new organisation
  • Coordination of consents and approvals from third parties, including regulators

"They actually take on some clients because no one else can fathom out how to do the job"